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Biden-Harris Administration Announces $2.1 Billion to Improve Four Nationally Significant Bridges Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s First Large Bridge Grants

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The Biden-Harris Administration has announced a $21 billion investment to improve four nationally significant highways, a move that will create jobs, improve safety, and support economic growth across the country.

The investment, which is part of the Administration’s Build Back Better initiative, will fund critical improvements to highways that are essential to the nation’s economy and transportation network. The four highways targeted for investment are:

  • Interstate 81 in Virginia
  • Interstate 95 in North Carolina
  • Interstate 40 in Tennessee
  • Interstate 94 in Michigan

These highways serve as major arteries for the movement of goods and people, and they are critical to connecting urban and rural communities. By investing in these highways, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a major step forward in building a more resilient and sustainable transportation system for the future.

The $21 billion investment will fund a range of improvements, including the reconstruction of bridges, the addition of new lanes, and the implementation of advanced technologies to improve safety and traffic flow. The investment will also support the creation of good-paying jobs, both in the short term during the construction phase and in the long term as these improved highways support economic growth and development.

In addition to these specific investments, the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to advancing a range of transportation priorities, including the promotion of electric vehicles, the expansion of public transit, and the improvement of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. These initiatives will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and create more accessible and equitable transportation options for all Americans.

The $21 billion investment in four nationally significant highways is a major step forward in the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to build a better, more sustainable transportation system for the future. By investing in critical infrastructure, creating jobs, and supporting economic growth, the Administration is working to ensure that all Americans have access to safe, reliable, and efficient transportation options.